Personal Styling services

How often do you get frustrated standing in front of your wardrobe overflowing with clothes not knowing what to wear again? Or perhaps you feel like you do not always convey the right message with your looks? Or you just want shopping and dressing up to be really easy without investing too much time in it? Why not make your life easier and let a professional deal with it?

As a personal stylist and shopper, I am happy to become your fashion fairy and help you forget about don’t-know-what-to-wear nightmare. You can choose individual services as well as styling packages. 

All services are available online & offline. Offline options are: Amsterdam & The Netherlands, other locations can be discussed.

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  1. Style card

It is something for you if:

  • You want to learn more about what suits you regardless of fashion trends
  • You want to redefine your style, or you want to find a new style
  • You want to know what to wear every day because you have your “uniform”
  • You want to shop smart and only buy items that are flattering and match your personal style & lifestyle

What is it?

It is your personalised style guide for every occasion. It will help you understand why certain items look good in a store, but you end up not wearing them. You will discover how to look chic with minimum effort by simply knowing what colours and styles are flattering for you personally. You will now know what buy or not to buy, and many more styling tricks that will make your life easier.

The Style card is available in two versions.

Light version includes:

  • Your profile & style needs based on your lifestyle 
  • Your colour type & body type analysis
  • Personalised recommendations for clothing, accessories, fabrics & prints

Extended version includes:

  • Your profile & style needs based on your lifestyle 
  • Your colour type & body type analysis
  • Basics guide: your wardrobe must-haves
  • Personalised recommendations for clothing, accessories, fabrics & prints 
  • Ready outfits for various occasions, or your “uniform”
  • Recommendations for hairstyle & make up
  • Your style summary & inspiration

2. Closet makeover

It is something for you if:

  • You want to spend less time dressing up
  • You want to have a functional closet where each item makes sense
  • You want to free up some space in your house without sacrificing your style

What is it?

This is a cure for all well known closet problems: dysfunctional closets, closets overflowing with clothes, closets that leave you desperate in the morning when you once again cannot decide what to wear… During the closet makeover we will go through every single piece hiding in your closet, sort what can be kept, what needs to be altered, and what can be sold/ donated. After that, we will make a list of missing items and create a ready to wear outfits from the clothes that you already have. 

3. Personal shopping

It is something for you if:

  • You get tired and lost when shopping
  • You want to “outsource” shopping responsibilities to someone else
  • You want to buy things that suit you and you will wear

What is it?

This is something that will help you shop smart and efficient. Prior to shopping together, we will discuss what exactly you need/ want to buy, what your shopping preferences are (mass-market/ middle-market/ luxury brands) and what your budget is. After that, we will discuss the practicalities related to shopping online or offline. 

Personal shopping is available in three versions.

Capsule for a season shopping:

  • Shopping for 12-18 items that would be possible to combine into 30+ outfits
  • Styling recommendations
  • Shopping guidance for up to 6 hours

Event/ occasion shopping: 

  • Shopping for an event/ occasion outfit, e.g. an evening out, anniversary dinner, wedding, work function, etc.
  • Styling recommendations (incl. hairstyle & make up)
  • Shopping guidance for 2-3 hours

Holiday shopping

  • Shopping for your holiday outfits (about 6-8 outfits) 
  • Styling & packing recommendations
  • Shopping guidance for 3-4 hours

Daily outfits shopping:

  • Shopping for 2-3 outfits that you could wear on a daily basis 
  • Themed shopping, e.g. workwear, home wardrobe, clothing for a young mum, smart casual for men, etc.)
  • Styling recommendations
  • Shopping guidance for 2-3 hours



1. Full restyle

It is something for you if:

  • You want to fully change your style, or you want to reinvent your current style
  • You are not afraid to experiment and try something new
  • You want to have a smart closet where everything fits together like a puzzle
  • You want your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle

What is it?

This is an all inclusive package that consists of an extended style card, a closet makeover, and personal shopping based on the outcome of the closet makeover and style recommendations to complete the gaps in your wardrobe and make sure you are ready for anything. As a bonus, you will get a makeover photoshoot at the end.

2. Amsterdam shopping experience 

It is something for you if:

  • You are new to Amsterdam and you want to discover some hidden gems where you can do your shopping
  • You are not new to Amsterdam, but you want to get a personalised shopping route to rediscover it
  • You want to combine the perks of personal shopping and city walk

What is it?

It includes a fully personalised shopping tour combined with a picturesque walk in Amsterdam. All shops are preselected based on your style & pricing preferences – anything from mass-market to local designer stores, concept stores, vintage. After shopping, we will get a coffee/ drinks/ lunch in a cafe off the beaten path. As a bonus, you will get a photo report from your shopping experience.


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