how to be a fashion declutter guru & sell, donate & recycle like a boss

how to be a fashion declutter guru & sell, donate & recycle like a boss

Hi everyone,

The holiday season is over, and I am now fully back – it is not easy to blog frequently when you have a full time job, but I will do my best to improve this 😉

A while ago I mentioned on my Instagram that I often buy second hand clothes and also sell, donate, & recycle my own. It is kind of inevitable if you are into fashion and want to follow (some) trends – and with those trends changing all the time, fast fashion brands having 6-12 collections per year, it all becomes way too easy to just keep on buying. It is also inevitable that some clothes get worn out, don’t fit you like they should, or you just fall out of love with them.

Whatever the reason is – you don’t want to hoard all the clothing you accumulate over years, because – why would you clutter your personal space (unless you live in a huge house and you don’t care about it 😉)? But what do you do with all those unloved treasures (or call it junk if you like)? And how do you make sure you keep a “healthy” balance of old and new in your closet?

One might say: “Just stop buying so much!” And it is true in a way, but this is a topic for another post. Here I want to focus on what you do when you have already accumulated lots of clothes.

I usually do a closet clear out twice a year – when I switch from Fall/ Winter to Spring/ Summer, and vice versa. This way it helps you to rethink your old clothes, think of what you would like to add to the wardrobe for a new season, and it is frequent enough to keep your closet in order. I do get rid of some more things occasionally throughout a season, e.g. when I try something on and realise that this is not quite me anymore, something is wrong with the fit (I shouldn’t have washed that handwash only viscose dress in a washing machine, I know), or it is just worn out. These are general rules I follow when going through my wardrobe in one of the big clear outs as well. Probably one more rule to add to it though – if you haven’t worn something in the last 6 months to a year, even if it’s a new item with tags – have another critical look at it and get rid of it – it must have been not your thing, even though it might have looked good on a hanger.

So, once you have a pile of things that you don’t need in your wardrobe in your life… what do you actually do with them? Putting them in a rubbish been doesn’t count – it’s not very sustainable and can be mentally difficult, especially if you’re getting rid of a brand new item… As an (almost) a pro in this, I’m happy to share some ideas & pointers  to make your life easier. Disclaimer: as I live in Amsterdam, some apps & places are location specific, but you can definitely get the general idea and add your local spin on it.

In short, you can do three things: sell, donate, recycle. But how do you decide what to do with what?



What: This is a category of things that is actually worth reselling, i.e. new/ good-as-new clothing, shoes & accessories that didn’t get enough love in your closet. These are also usually the most pricey items.


Online: United Wardrobe app, Marktplaats, Facebook marketplace, Facebook groups (Buy & Sell Amsterdam, ISN Amsterdam Online Market, Amsterdam Expats Online Market)

Offline: King’s Day in Amsterdam, NDSM flea market, Secondhand stores (De Ruilhoek,  Mooizo), garage sales

What do you need: good quality photos, energy to take those photos, some time/ money reserved for posting items or meeting up with buyers, patience to wait till someone buys whatever you’re selling


Donating & Recycling 

What: These are items that you were not able to sell, you don’t think they are worth the effort to try to sell, or you just want to do the right thing and instead of reselling donate them to those who need clothes more than you do.

Where: your friends & family who you think might like your stuff, Zara, H&M*, &other stories* (these stores pick re-usable items and donate to different charities, or recycle), various charities directly (some examples here), containers around the city that say “Kleding/ Schoenen”, or just check here.

What do you need: time to go to drop off the bags** with your old clothing at one of the stores or charities


*By donating your clothes there, you get a 10-15% discount voucher for your next purchase.

**Actually, if you order something at Zara & indicate that you want to donate some clothes as well, you can have a courier who delivers your purchase also pick up your bag with donations.


As you can see, there are plenty of options out there to keep your fashion adventures under control, and you can choose whatever suits your preferences and moral standards (except for throwing clothing away – please opt for recycling instead). My personal scheme here would be: declutter -> let my niece choose whatever she likes -> sort into sell, donate & recycle piles -> post things from the sell pile online & give away the donate & recycle pile -> if cannot sell everything online, try to sell the remaining stuff offline -> if that doesn’t work either, donate!


P.S. if you want to know more pros, cons, and tips on selling your clothing & accessories on different platforms, be on the look out for my next post!


summer in the city – how to spend staycation in style | the style part

summer in the city – how to spend staycation in style | the style part

I hope I got you a bit inspired about spending your summer in the city  – really curious to see though what ideas were your favourites? Or did you already try any of them? Please leave your comments on this 🙂

As you could notice, I called the post “how to spend staycation in style”, but I didn’t quite cover the style element. So, I’m making up for it guys! 

What are the things that come to your mind when you think of summer? 

What clothes you imagine when you think of your dream summer wardrobe? 

Hey, you know what – there are no wrong or write answers here, because we are all different and the season cannot fully determine your style. You should do you. However, there are some things that are universal (& a bit of a common sense) and there are things that can help you shape your summer style, but not determine it. So, let’s dive into this summer [in the city] style guide!

Some universal summer rules:

Let your body breathe

You want to wear natural/ breathable materials like cotton, linen, silk – heat can be already quite stressful for your body, why increase it by overheating in polyester?

Open up in moderation

I know in some cities it can get so hot that you would want to wear as little as possible, but what can be appropriate at a resort or by the beach, does not always work in a city setting. For instance, a. this can bring across a wrong message to your fellow citizens, b. you risk to burn in the sun, c. there are so many other ways to stay cool & stylish at the same time!

Sun protection

Everyone is talking about the harmful effects of the UV on our skin, so make a sunblock your main summer accessory.

Check the weather forecast

A bit obvious, but it helps you to determine how many layers to wear. That’s why when I create my summer looks, I think of both possibilities – options for both hot and more chilly summer days/ nights.


Summer trends

If you are into fashion, it’s always a good idea to be aware of what is trendy this season and cherry pick the trends that fit your personal style. More on how to deal with fashion trends in my older blog post.


I really believe that you can find your style only through experimenting – so take advantage of the summer weather and go for it! And to put you on this creative styling wave, I’m sharing with you some of my summer outfit ideas – maybe it’s something for you, or maybe it’s completely not your thing – let me know in the comments!

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summer in the city – how to spend your staycation in style

summer in the city – how to spend your staycation in style

It is summer time and we are getting bombarded with tons of vacay images everywhere we go – we watch our Facebook friends going to Greece and Italy, our Instagram inspo bloggers going to Ibiza and the Caribbean, the work places are buzzing with what-are-your-holiday-plans talks… 

But what if… you do not have anything planned – for whatever reason – do you have to feel like you are missing out? Hell no. For all those of us who are spending summer in the city rather than chilling by the blue waters of Maldives, there is a staycation. In fact, it is now almost as trendy as going overseas – and I really love the idea! 

Indeed, why not rediscover your own city and surroundings and have fun instead of feeling low about staying home for summer? Believe me, this can be just as exciting and can give you just as many positive emotions and cool photos.

picnic, Amsterdam, doughnuts, tulips, flowers, sweet life, inspo, summer, city, style, girl, brunette, smile, fashion, ootd, canal

Here are some things I love doing when on staycay:

  • Go on a free walking tour

This is a really great opportunity to meet some new people who are visiting your city, learn something new (because usually every tour guide has their own twist to a city tour), and get some exercise – walking for 3 hours ain’t easy!

  • Buy a guide book for your city and explore your city as a tourist

If walking tours is not your thing, this could be a good alternative. Sometimes we are so involved in our daily routine that we stop noticing cool things around us – looking at the city through the eyes of a tourists can be quite refreshing! Additionally, good guide books usually have inspiring pictures and list some new city hotspots.

  • Go to a cafe that you always pass by

Do you have a cafe that you pass by almost every day and think “Ah it looks like a nice place – I should go there some time”, but you never actually go there? Then the time has come. Arrange a meeting with someone there or just grab a book – the one you always wanted to read but never did – as your companion.

  • Explore a neighbourhood you have never really been to or go on a day trip to a nearby town

You might be surprised what you might discover there – and , if in doubt, use a guide book for some advice. Traveling is easier and cheaper than you might think.

  • Have a spa day at home or get a deal elsewhere

What yells “holiday” more than a relaxing spa day, right?

  • Go thrift shopping

If you read one of my earlier blog posts, you know that I love shopping at vintage stores and discover treasures at flea markets. Items that have a story also give a real travel vibe.

  • Take a new tram/ metro route that you don’t usually use

Treat it as an adventure and don’t be afraid to get lost – GPS will always save you 🙂

  • Have a picnic

Find a picturesque spot in your city and indulge yourself with your favourite snacks… Nothing else to be said.

  • Dress with a holiday vibe and get some photos taken

To be applied every day when you’re on staycay – you gotta save those memories (and show your style of course).

  • Go to a meet up (with strangers)

There are so many events you can go to these days – on Facebook, on Meetup app, on Instagram… Just pick the one with the theme that is close to you – maybe it’s casual drinks or maybe it’s a painting class – and go – you’re very likely to have a good time and discover something new.

  • Take a yoga class in a park

This is just very relaxing – especially in summer, so why not try it?

  • Go to a beach/ riverside/ canal 

Depending where you are and what is available in your area, spend some time by the water – it is peaceful, helps you unwind and can be combined with picnic (see above).

  • Take a bike ride through the city

This allows to explore some more remote areas in your city and burn some calories – to refuel on a picnic of course. 

  • Have some time with your girl gang (picnic, ice coffee date, cocktail night – whatever you can think of)

It is important to get some girls time – to share laughs and thoughts, to recharge – and the great thing is that you can combine it with any other previous tips!

picnic, Amsterdam, doughnuts, tulips, flowers, sweet life, inspo, summer, city, style, girl, brunette, smile, fashion, ootd, city walk

picnic, Amsterdam, doughnuts, tulips, flowers, sweet life, inspo, summer, city, style, girl, brunette, smile, fashion, ootd, canal

What I’m wearing in this post:

Dress Must have

Red mules Topshop

Sunnies Givenchy

Hat New Look

Watch & bracelets Rosefield


(c) Photo credit goes to the photographer Alona Khlivitska


And what are your favourite to-do’s for summer in the city? And your favourite outfits?



my thoughts on [fashion] learning and impressions from Summer.Style workshop by Margarita Muradova

my thoughts on [fashion] learning and impressions from Summer.Style workshop by Margarita Muradova

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that just about a week ago I went to Kiev, Ukraine. My main trigger for that trip became a fashion workshop “Summer.Style” by wonderful Margarita Muradova, or @greenteanosugar. Sounds a bit crazy, right? I mean, who would really travel to another country to attend a workshop? Well, here is the thing… nothing can stop you if this is your passion and you are eager to learn.

greenteanosugar, fashion workshop, summer style, margarita muradova, fashion event, creative quarter, Kiev, lecture, margarita muradova, stylist, ootd, outfit of the day

As much as I can remember myself I was a good student. You know how some people have talents – studying is definitely one of mine. That is probably why after finishing my Master’s degree  in Communications just as I turned 23, I realised that I was not just a good student, I was more of a study addict – I just kept craving more and more. 

I also already wrote before that my fashion addiction started a long time ago – so long that I cannot remember how it really started. Growing up I was dreaming of being a fashion designer while making clothes from anything, from more conventional materials to newspapers & plastic bags (by the way, the newspaper outfit was… erm… interesting to say the least – I will certainly try to find that photo). 

Long story short (and many many years and useless & useful things learnt) my two passions, or addictions – you name it, came together. I took a personal styling course, graduated, started practicing and… continued learning! Books, magazines, additional courses, museums, events, etc. etc. … And the “Summer.Style” workshop has become a cherry on my fashion pie. Well, actually, not just a cherry – a top up of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles – basically a recipe for a heart attack in a good way.

The emotions that I went through that day cannot be compared to anything. As I walked in the Creative Quarter, my heart was pumping from excitement and, perhaps, from a speedy walk through the city center of Kiev, though I’d prefer to say excitement rather than admit that I’m out of shape. I looked around – and there it was, everything you could imagine for a perfect day with the girls: coffee & healthy treats, breathtaking view of Kiev, energising music, a make up stand from Givenchy, some cool hand picked clothes by Sandro, Maje, and Zadig & Voltaire, lots of laughs and smiles… It felt really magical!

greenteanosugar, fashion workshop, summer style, margarita muradova, fashion event, creative quarter, Kiev, lecture, margarita muradova, stylist

I got to my seat and looked around again – when I saw Margarita and went to talk to her, I got so nervous as if I was at the most nerve-wracking job interview, or the most important exam in my life. I never knew how I would react if I met anyone YouTube/ Insta famous in person, but trust me, guys, I would never think that I would be that lost for words.

However, apart from all the cool things, great atmosphere, and meeting your fashion teacher, the best part of the workshop was the workshop itself. I didn’t know what to expect exactly, because you can interpret the main topic “Summer. Style” in many ways. However, having already taken a Personal Stylist course and knowing how extensive and highly professional Margarita Muradova was with all the study materials & lectures, I could sense that it would be special. And oh yes, it was. 

greenteanosugar, fashion workshop, summer style, margarita muradova, fashion event, creative quarter, Kiev, lecture, margarita muradova, stylist

We didn’t just talk about the fashion trends for summer 2018, we looked at how we can bring across a certain message with the way we dress, how this message can be life changing for some or, if not life breaking, but obstructing in one or another sphere of life. We discussed how trends can be brought into your wardrobe and how you can pick the trends that would still reflect your mood and communicate that right life-changing message. We laughed, we talked, we practiced how to apply this knowledge… We really had a blast! 
If someone asked me if I’d repeat it or if I’d participate in another workshop – hell yes! Not just because I’m fashion crazy or because I have extra money to spend, but because I believe that if you found your passion, you should just go for it! There is nothing more satisfying than learning about something that you are truly interested in and something that you love. 

greenteanosugar, fashion workshop, summer style, margarita muradova, fashion event, creative quarter, Kiev, lecture, margarita muradova, stylist

(c) Photo credit goes to Roman Yeremenko

how to dress for a fancy soiree and not to go bankrupt – men’s edition

how to dress for a fancy soiree and not to go bankrupt – men’s edition

This blog post was inspired by a comment of Olivia to my previous post which reminded me of a story that happened a couple of months back – et voila! – a new post idea was born. 

Have you ever been invited to a work party or wedding or any other kind of gathering that required dressing up? If yes – you know the struggle. But imagine if you found out about the dress code element last minute?..

…I knew that my boyfriend was going to have a work party and all the employees got to take their +1’s. No reason to stress – just a work party, right?* 

*I guess here I need to explain that we live in the Netherlands and generally it is okay to not overly dress up for a work function – it may not be applicable to everyone, but this is what my experience has been so far.

This time it wasn’t all that simple. He came from work one evening and announced: “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you – remember that work function I mentioned to you? It’s a fancy dress event – all guys at work are going to wear suits. Any idea what I could wear?” And this news was coming from a suitless guy next to me within a week before that party… 

This right here – quite a puzzle to solve, huh? Here are some solutions I could think of:

Option 1 Buy a suit

This is probably the most obvious one. If you don’t own a suit and you have an occasion coming up that would require one, this is probably a moment when you might consider buying a suit – just because there will be more events when you would need it.


  • Suit is quite a classic element of men’s wardrobe, there will be days when you will definitely need it
  • Well-fitted suit can give you a sleek & expensive look and boost your confidence


  • Suits can be incredibly expensive
  • We are all different and it will take time to find a perfect fitting suit – it may even require some tailoring services
  • Depending on your lifestyle, you may use it so rarely that it would be difficult to justify time & money investment

Option 2 Rent a suit

What if you really need/ want to wear a suit for an event, but you don’t own one and you are not sure how often you would need it in future? Then you may consider renting a suit.


  • This is your life saviour when you need to have a suit for one time
  • It is much cheaper than buying a suit (even the least expensive one)
  • It would be higher quality than the cheapest suit that you would buy in mass-market


  • It wouldn’t be tailored to you and might potentially look like a suit off someone else’s back
  • It wouldn’t be an investment into something that you could use in future which is a reason to think of whether it would be money well spent

Option 3 Get creative

This is my favourite option! Essentially you try to create an outfit from your existing wardrobe and buy 1-2 additional pieces to dress it up and use afterwards. Don’t get me wrong – this will probably not replace an actual suit, but if the dress code allows to get away with it, it’s definitely worth trying.


  • It saves you money & time
  • You invest into pieces of clothing or accessories that you would be able to wear afterwards
  • It challenges your imagination


  • You would need some styling experience and you would need to think out of the box
  • It won’t work if you have no items that would be more dressy/ semi-formal

In our case, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money and renting a suit felt like unworthy expense. As you can guess by now, I decided to get creative instead.

I broke down my approach to achieve this into steps on how to dress for a fancy soiree and not to go bankrupt: 

  1. Select your potential outfit base from existing wardrobe. For starters – majority of guys have at least one or several dress shirts, chino’s or other kind of pants other than jeans, and semi-formal shoes. The key here is to select items that would suit a formal happening.
  1. Analyse your selected items, try to put together an outfit & identify missing elements. Try to ask yourself: Do these clothes go together? Is it possible to combine some of them into an outfit? What would I need to add to complete the look?
  1. Make a shopping list of the missing elements & do a quick check online. The Internet makes shopping so much easier, especially if you need to find something specific: do a quick online research to find the items that would complete your outfit. Ideally, I would try to find the  missing elements that would be possible to dress up and down in future. 
  1. Pack your outfit and go to the store that you pre-selected from your online research OR simply order the missing pieces online. This one really depends on how much time you have. If you have some serious time constraints I would opt for going to a physical store and trying on a complete outfit together. This would save you from the risk of ordering something that would look nice & suitable for your idea online, but looking not so great or simply not working in your outfit in reality. 

In the end of my story, we picked a black shirt, beige chino’s, brown suede shoes from my boyfriend’s wardrobe, and finished off the look with a newly bought camel blazer & a bow tie. And you know what? This look totally worked!

evening outfit, going out, night out, couple dress upevening outfit, going out, night out, couple dress up

(c) Photo credit goes to the photographer at the Rosefield party

So, tell me now – would you rather break the bank or get creative?

how to master thrift shopping & stay cool

how to master thrift shopping & stay cool

I always think of vintage and secondhand shopping as treasure hunting: it takes time and energy, it can get overwhelming, you can end up digging out some garbage or leave with nothing because you were looking in the wrong place, but if you do find your treasure you will be generously rewarded. This definitely brings new shopping excitement that is gradually getting replaced by efficiency and easiness of shopping online which allows you to search items by size, trend, colour, style and whatever other parameter is necessary. And don’t get me wrong – online shopping can be also pretty challenging and overwhelming with the amount of choices we get, but it certainly lacks the charm of vintage shopping. 

vintage, shopping, retro, store, thrift shopping, Amsterdam, ootd, secondhand

Whenever I stop by a store with pre-loved items, I can totally get lost and disappear there for hours – and sometimes the result is oh so worth it!

vintage, shopping, store, thrift shopping, accessories

So, why do I love so much about vintage and secondhand when there are so many other alternatives for shopping? Let’s dig into it:

Quality & price: if you look hard enough you can find some really nice natural materials like linen, silk, real leather, suede – and for a fraction of the price at a regular store or online.

It’s unique: Even though the pieces from a vintage shop are not unique by their nature – you can obviously find similar items and maybe even same items – the chances are you will not be twinning with a colleague/ friend/ random stranger on the street.

Fashion with history: Another fun part of buying pre-loved clothes is that they have their own history. I like imagining who could have owned a certain item before and how it ended up in a store – makes it quite special to become a new owner 🙂

Brands: You may get lucky and get some branded clothes in those shops as well. If you are extremely lucky, you can get some real gems: Burberry trench coat is one of those.

It challenges your imagination and creativity: It requires some creativity to style pre-loved items  in modern looks (if that’s what you’re after). And it’s super rewarding.

Trends: Fashion repeats itself. It won’t be a surprise for you if I say that many new things are well forgotten old ones. Use this knowledge & abuse it! Vintage shops will help you find not only timeless classics but also modern trends’ predecessors.

Sustainability: By buying secondhand you can make your small contribution to the environment. I know it’s baby steps, but eventually they will have impact.

Fun: I just love the atmosphere in the thrift shops and take every secondhand shopping as a fashion adventure.  

vintage, shopping, retro, store, thrift shopping, Amsterdam, high heels, hats, colours

“So, what is the trick?” – you may ask. If vintage stores are so so amazing why doesn’t everyone just shop there? As everywhere else there are downsides: it takes energy and time, you may end up buying a lot of unnecessary junk that seemed like a good idea at the time, there’s a risk to get a too old-fashioned (not a bad thing, but not for everyone as well)… Or some people just don’t like the idea of wearing clothes that were worn by someone else before. Moral of the story: thrift shopping is not for all – and really nothing personal here! 

If you do want to give it a crack, I’m happy to share some of my tips and tricks.

Not all vintage & secondhand shops are equally good. This is something that you’ll have to find out through trial and error (or skipping trial and error by reading online reviews). 

Pre-visualise what you would like to find there. This is a rule applicable to any type of shopping: decide what you actually need/ want to buy. This will always help you to not get too overwhelmed by the amount of clothes and not to get completely lost. Think of: type of clothing, style, colour, material.

Think of current trends. This will guide you through the shelves and railings of things and allow you to pick the items that are fashionable today. Think of: floral wrap dresses, sailor caps, boucle blazers, polka dot anything, kimonos, and many many more.

Forget about trends – look for classics. It’s always a good idea to check out if the shop has some of timeless classics: LBD, trench coat, structured bags, vintage Levi’s, etc. You may be pleasantly surprised what you are able to find.

Choose natural materials over synthetics. This is one of must-do’s while secondhand shopping. That floral shirt may be super cute, but if it’s full on polyester – you take your own risk here.

Check the stitching and overall quality. A no-brainer: you don’t want to buy something that has holes or will fall apart after one day. End of story.

Take a friend with you. Treat vintage shopping as an adventure and take your friend on it. If neither of you buys anything in the end, you can always go for a coffee & a cake afterwards. 

vintage, shopping, retro, store, thrift shopping, Amsterdam, sailor hats

All the photos are taken at Penny Lane Vintage in Amsterdam – if you happen to be here, I highly recommend to check it out! This place is definitely one of my personal favourites with an amazing clothes selection, cool interior and great atmosphere. 

Address: 11C Eerste van der Helststraat, Amsterdam

vintage, shopping, retro, store, thrift shopping, Amsterdam

do you need to be on trend to look good?

do you need to be on trend to look good?

Welcome back,

Thanks everyone for reading my very first post & staying tuned, or if you just stumbled upon my blog – great to see you here, hope you’ll enjoy your time!

Today I would like to talk about being trendy and my personal experience with it. I must confess that I used to really fall for this fashion marketing trick – and probably still do it now from time to time, but hey, no one is perfect, right? 

Remember those transparent boots that make your toes look all squashed and exposed to the world? And what about those unwearable high heeled sandals with the straps so thin that they would allow you to only beautifully stand or sit somewhere, or else you would be too afraid to move in them to not rip them (or break your ankle)? Please disregard this if you’ve mastered how to wear those without failing.

Regardless of some of the (fashion) mistakes that we all make, the best thing we can do is to learn from them. Here are my top five personal learnings.

1. Answer the question: do you actually like this particular trend?

This should be always your starting point. I truly believe that fashion is there to let us express ourselves rather than to create an army of clones – it is a unfortunate side effect when this does happen. Therefore, whenever you see or read about a new trend or a trendy item and something in your head gets tingly and tells you “It is ON TREND, you HAVE TO buy it”, first ask yourself: Do I even like this trend? Does this contribute to who I am? Does this fit my personal style? Can it be incorporated into my existing wardrobe?

2. Get the right basics in place and blend in one trendy element

With the fashion world moving fast (fast fashion brands put new items on the shelves something like every two weeks), it is really difficult to avoid FOMO and simultaneously not to go bankrupt. The key here, and I am far from being the first person to say that, is to get your own basics right and incorporate a few trendy items each season. I would like to emphasise your own here because even though there are some really timeless items that stylists and fashion bloggers swear by (read: a white T-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, a black blazer, a trench coat, a pair of black stilettos, and a few more), it is crucial to find what really works for you and suits you & your lifestyle. You can find a list of timeless classics/ basics online and use it as a starting point for creating your own personalised basics. Because this is what will show who you are and what message you want to convey with the way you dress. 

3. Make trends work for you, not against you

My approach is to always interpret fashion trends in a way that works for me and my lifestyle. For example, if my typical day includes a lot of walking and moving around, I would probably opt for a more wearable kitten heel or some more stable high heels rather than stilettos. Those could be either a classic/ basic colour (i.e. beige, black, or whatever works with your outfit), or, alternatively in a trendy colour – e.g. this season it’s pastels and saturated colours. Trust me, it is better to choose comfort over being oh so on trend.

4. Do not invest in trends – better treat yourself with a piece of cake, a spa day, or an unplanned trip

This point goes together with the point number two. We’ve all seen trends come and go, sometimes faster than we could ever imagine. Some trends do stay for longer, but it happens on a more rare occasion. The main point here is that you might want to spare your hard earned monthly salary from spending it on a luxe bum bag and get a 30 times cheaper alternative, and travel somewhere instead. This will save you some nerves when in three months some fashion authority announces that the mentioned item is a total mauvais ton and a big fashion don’t. 

I have to note here, however, that if you a. do not care about what is on fashion and what is not and b. absolutely love this item and you think it would become your feature element – forget about what I just said and go for it.

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

As I said in the beginning, we are all humans and we all make mistakes. So, you shouldn’t feel pressured to get it right all the time. Sometimes you realise that something doesn’t suit you, doesn’t work for you, looks ridiculous, or is horribly uncomfortable only when you already bought it and actually tried to wear it – remember those ankle-breaking sandals?..

So, do you think you need to be on trend to look good? 🙂

summer style, French style, fashion blog, white jeans, stripes, red shoessummer style, French style, fashion blog, white jeans, stripes, red shoessummer style, French style, fashion blog, white jeans, stripes, red shoessummer style, French style, fashion blog, white jeans, stripes, red shoes

What I’m wearing in this post:

T-shirt Asos

Jeans Zara 

Red flats H&M Premium

Sunnies Givenchy

Bag Zara

Lobster earrings Asos

Watch Rosefield