Perfect match: how to find a trench coat of your dreams & my 8 faves on the market

You probably noticed how I often talk about importance of having the right basics in place over having a trendy wardrobe that constantly needs to be renewed. Well, the thing is that it is not actually that easy to find the right staple piece that would be your 100% which would guarantee its permanent spot in your closet for many years to come.

I’ve been in search of a perfect beige trench coat which is to me the number one wardrobe staple that suits everyone. Seriously. Men, women, children – everyone needs to have a trench coat in their life. Or at least, this is what I am a firm believer of 🙂

The magic of a trench coat is that it is flattering for any body type and skin colour and it can be incorporated into pretty much any personal style. BUT… as there is always a but. There are certain things that you need to consider while searching for the one [trench coat], and not any coat will look equally as good on everyone. And I would not be me if I didn’t share with you the tips on how to make your trench coat hunt successful.

So, what do you need to think about?


Length is one of the criteria that can make or break the deal when choosing your perfect trench coat. The most classic option would be a midi trench, however, this can mean different things depending on your height and proportions. For instance, if you’re a petite girl, that perfect midi can turn into a blanket covering you all. 


Sounds like a no brainer, but it is important to pick the right size – whatever it means for you personally. Be it the just right oversize or figure hugging fit, you’re choosing your potential wardrobe staple and you want to be able to wear it for many coming years. In this case, it may not be a bad idea to tailor the trench coat to make it even more perfect.


Straight or figure fitting, here you can choose either to your liking. The key here is to think of your overall style and how this fit will go with your clothes. For instance, if majority of your clothes are more relaxed, a figure fitting trench might look a bit like an alien in your closet.


If we are talking about the staples of the staples, you probably want to get a beige trench coat. However, this doesn’t make the search easier, because, as you may know, there are so many shades of beige out there. The key here is to determine your skin colour tone – whether it is more warm, cool, or neutral – and pick the colour based on that. As the trench coat is something that would be in a close proximity to your face, you do want to pay attention to this stuff, because a wrong colour can easily make you look too pale or even ill.

Quality/ Material

This doesn’t mean that you should only look at the luxury or middle-market brands and completely disregard mass market. The truth is that you can find great high quality pieces anywhere, as long as you check the composition (yes to natural materials!) of the item and and stitching. Another pitfall that you want to avoid is getting a trench coat that is too thing and has no lining, because in this case it will not be as warm and it will easily show all the structure of whatever you wear underneath it. This in itself can make your whole outfit look cheap and less figure flattering.

Decorative elements

If we’re talking about a basic piece, then you would probably want to avoid any prominent decor. However, don’t be afraid to get creative and make a piece with decorative elements your personal basic – as long as you can match it with majority of your wardrobe and you’re sure you won’t change your mind about it in a month 🙂

After considering all of these, you can happily dive into online or offline shopping. To give your some idea where to look, here are my affordable favourites.

A very affordable basic trench coat by H&M

classic trench coat H&M

…. and its more pricey brother from Premium collection.

classic trench coat H&M premium

This & other stories trench coat in a beautiful mustard…

Trench coat & other stories in mustard

…and this linen beauty.

Linen trench coat & other stories

This easy-breezy Monki trench coat with a minimalist vibe…

Monki trench coat straight fit

… and this chic trench coat from Whistles with amazing finishing touches.

Trench coat Whistles

This Helene Berman trench coat with a twist…

Helena Berman trench coat

… and this stylish & sophisticated coat from Arket.

Arket trench coat

So, guys, which one is your favourite?

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