reselling your old clothes online: pluses, minuses, tips

Over the last few years my lifestyle and personal style have changed several times, and every time I faced the problem of what to do with the clothes & accessories that were not me anymore. In my previous blog post, I’ve shared with you some insights & ideas on how to identify those items and what you could potentially do about them. In this post, I’m digging deeper and sharing my experience of reselling clothes – because it’s still sustainable, but also bring you some extra cash – and who would mind that, right?!

Like with many things in life these days, here you have two options: go online or offline. Both have their pros and cons, and I tried both, so in this post will be happily sharing all about my online reselling experience here in the Netherlands.

General tips:

  • Take clear photos (front, back, close-up, and how an item looks on). If you upload an item with only one photo of it, 99% of the time you will be asked to upload more.
  • Don’t overprice your items & be ready to reduce the price if it’s reasonable (especially if it’s been online for a while and haven’t been sold yet)
  • Think from the buyer’s prospective: if you were to buy a second hand item online, what information would you want to know and what would make you buy something?
  • Be responsive. In online world, it’s very easy to lose the attention, so if someone shows interest in whatever you’re selling – be nice & helpful 🙂

United Wardrobe

This is an app that plays a role of a broker in reselling your clothing & accessories. I personally really like it because you can not only sell your stuff, but also find some really cool items that got sold out in store/ not available in your size with a reduced price (Winning!). 

How it works:

You can use both a mobile app & a website – I personally find the app more convenient. When you create your account you’ll need to provide your address and your bank account details, so you can get paid if you sell something. After that you can start adding items yo your “Closet”, which is essentially your personal page with all things you’re selling. You can change your profile pic & background to make it look more appealing. The whole interface is pretty straightforward and if you have any questions, there is a whole FAQ section waiting for you. 

When someone buys an item from you, the payment goes to the UW account. Once the item is sent, your as a seller update the status indicating that you sent the item (and include a tracking code if you have it). When the buyer receives their purchase, they can update the status that the item has been received and, if they decide to keep it, UW will transfer your payment within 24 hours. 

What if a buyer doesn’t want to keep an item? Returns are possible only if the seller didn’t inform the buyer about correct sizing or some defects. If the information was shared correctly, but the item doesn’t fit properly, the buyer can decide to resell this item via UW straight away. If, however, an item was, for example, damaged, the buyer can submit a return request with some photos and explanation. In this situation, the seller can either accept or reject the request. All the rejected requests are also checked by UW Support team and they make the final decision whether the return is reasonable or not. 


  • Easy to use
  • Payment protection
  • Diversity (you can sell pretty much anything fashion related there, both cheap and more expensive items)
  • No scam accounts (to my knowledge)
  • Seamless bidding/ buying 
  • You can easily promote what you’re selling on Instagram & Facebook
  • You do not need to pay any fees to extend “expired” items


  • Available only in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France
  • Seller & buyer fees (10% of the purchase for sellers & approx. 2 euros per purchase for buyers)
  • You need to include the shipping costs into the price & you need to arrange the shipping
  • It’s quite difficult to sell out everything



If United Wardrobe is a fashion oriented marketplace, Marktplaats (“marketplace” from Dutch) name says for itself – it’s an online platform where you can sell essentially anything – from clothes to cars & puppies. Apart from that, one of the biggest differences from United Wardrobe is that you can see other online retailers advertise there, so you can get both brand new and second hand stuff.

How it works:

Again, here you can use a website or a mobile app – matter of preference really. You do not need to provide that much personal info when creating your account, which can be more attractive for some people (privacy & all). After that, you can start adding products you’d like to sell – an here it can be anything, not only fashion items, just don’t forget to put everything in the right category 🙂 When you’re filling in the product info, Marktplaats will also give you a hint on average pricing for this specific category. You can also decide to have open bidding, but then it’s always a good idea to put a starting price.

Buyers can contact you via messages to show their interest, or make an offer, but that’s about how much facilitation you get here. It’s up to you to discuss whether the buyer want to have their purchase delivered or if they’re going to pick it up. It’s also up to you to arrange the payment – you can decide whether you want to do it via Marktplaats “Betalverzoek” or just exchange your details with the buyer. 

Keep in mind that free postings can stay on Marktplaats for something like 5 weeks (this is a recent change) and after that it is possible extend them for a small fee.


  • Easy to use
  • Payment facilitation available with a small fee
  • You can buy literally anything there
  • Diversity – you can buy & sell anything
  • Essentially no fees are involved unless you use payment functionality, or extend your ad


  • It’s only relevant for NL based individuals
  • Even though you can sell clothes here, it’s less targeted, so it can take longer
  • You need to understand Dutch (no English version available)
  • You can get scammed, though Marktplaats closely watches all suspicious activity
  • Bidding/ buying are not really seamless, so it involves some manual work
  • A bit less secure – you deal with buyers directly, so it’s a matter of trust with payments & delivery

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is constantly changing and extending its application, going far beyond being just a social network. Noticing that some people were using Facebook to resell things (e.g. student marketplace groups), Facebook went ahead and created a separate Marketplace section which made resale much easier. 

How it works:

If you have a Facebook account, which I assume, you do, all you need to do is to click Marketplace icon & off you go. Hit sell, upload product photos, description & price – et voila! – your item is on this social market. Potential buyers can contact you via PMs, and that’s where you can discuss the price and answer questions about whatever you’re selling. This is where you also discuss the delivery/ pick-up and payment method.


  • You don’t need to create a separate account
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • You can easily reach a lot of people
  • You can sell anything there 
  • It’s free


  • Not very secure – there’s no payment protection and no delivery guarantees
  • You can get scammed & get some dodgy messages (personal experience :/)
  • Bidding/ buying are not really seamless, so it involves some manual work
  • It’s not very targeted

Other platforms & final thoughts

I’m well aware of other reselling platforms like The Next Closet, Vestiaire Collective, Vinted, Depop… but I haven’t really tried them (yet). Some of them are too specialised, and some seems to be used more in other countries. For the moment, United Wardrobe is really my favourite online reselling platform for fashion items which I use the most, but when I feel like trying something new I will definitely give it a shot. 

By the way, what platform do you think I should try next?

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