summer in the city – how to spend your staycation in style

It is summer time and we are getting bombarded with tons of vacay images everywhere we go – we watch our Facebook friends going to Greece and Italy, our Instagram inspo bloggers going to Ibiza and the Caribbean, the work places are buzzing with what-are-your-holiday-plans talks… 

But what if… you do not have anything planned – for whatever reason – do you have to feel like you are missing out? Hell no. For all those of us who are spending summer in the city rather than chilling by the blue waters of Maldives, there is a staycation. In fact, it is now almost as trendy as going overseas – and I really love the idea! 

Indeed, why not rediscover your own city and surroundings and have fun instead of feeling low about staying home for summer? Believe me, this can be just as exciting and can give you just as many positive emotions and cool photos.

picnic, Amsterdam, doughnuts, tulips, flowers, sweet life, inspo, summer, city, style, girl, brunette, smile, fashion, ootd, canal

Here are some things I love doing when on staycay:

  • Go on a free walking tour

This is a really great opportunity to meet some new people who are visiting your city, learn something new (because usually every tour guide has their own twist to a city tour), and get some exercise – walking for 3 hours ain’t easy!

  • Buy a guide book for your city and explore your city as a tourist

If walking tours is not your thing, this could be a good alternative. Sometimes we are so involved in our daily routine that we stop noticing cool things around us – looking at the city through the eyes of a tourists can be quite refreshing! Additionally, good guide books usually have inspiring pictures and list some new city hotspots.

  • Go to a cafe that you always pass by

Do you have a cafe that you pass by almost every day and think “Ah it looks like a nice place – I should go there some time”, but you never actually go there? Then the time has come. Arrange a meeting with someone there or just grab a book – the one you always wanted to read but never did – as your companion.

  • Explore a neighbourhood you have never really been to or go on a day trip to a nearby town

You might be surprised what you might discover there – and , if in doubt, use a guide book for some advice. Traveling is easier and cheaper than you might think.

  • Have a spa day at home or get a deal elsewhere

What yells “holiday” more than a relaxing spa day, right?

  • Go thrift shopping

If you read one of my earlier blog posts, you know that I love shopping at vintage stores and discover treasures at flea markets. Items that have a story also give a real travel vibe.

  • Take a new tram/ metro route that you don’t usually use

Treat it as an adventure and don’t be afraid to get lost – GPS will always save you 🙂

  • Have a picnic

Find a picturesque spot in your city and indulge yourself with your favourite snacks… Nothing else to be said.

  • Dress with a holiday vibe and get some photos taken

To be applied every day when you’re on staycay – you gotta save those memories (and show your style of course).

  • Go to a meet up (with strangers)

There are so many events you can go to these days – on Facebook, on Meetup app, on Instagram… Just pick the one with the theme that is close to you – maybe it’s casual drinks or maybe it’s a painting class – and go – you’re very likely to have a good time and discover something new.

  • Take a yoga class in a park

This is just very relaxing – especially in summer, so why not try it?

  • Go to a beach/ riverside/ canal 

Depending where you are and what is available in your area, spend some time by the water – it is peaceful, helps you unwind and can be combined with picnic (see above).

  • Take a bike ride through the city

This allows to explore some more remote areas in your city and burn some calories – to refuel on a picnic of course. 

  • Have some time with your girl gang (picnic, ice coffee date, cocktail night – whatever you can think of)

It is important to get some girls time – to share laughs and thoughts, to recharge – and the great thing is that you can combine it with any other previous tips!

picnic, Amsterdam, doughnuts, tulips, flowers, sweet life, inspo, summer, city, style, girl, brunette, smile, fashion, ootd, city walk

picnic, Amsterdam, doughnuts, tulips, flowers, sweet life, inspo, summer, city, style, girl, brunette, smile, fashion, ootd, canal

What I’m wearing in this post:

Dress Must have

Red mules Topshop

Sunnies Givenchy

Hat New Look

Watch & bracelets Rosefield


(c) Photo credit goes to the photographer Alona Khlivitska


And what are your favourite to-do’s for summer in the city? And your favourite outfits?



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