do you need to be on trend to look good?

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Thanks everyone for reading my very first post & staying tuned, or if you just stumbled upon my blog – great to see you here, hope you’ll enjoy your time!

Today I would like to talk about being trendy and my personal experience with it. I must confess that I used to really fall for this fashion marketing trick – and probably still do it now from time to time, but hey, no one is perfect, right? 

Remember those transparent boots that make your toes look all squashed and exposed to the world? And what about those unwearable high heeled sandals with the straps so thin that they would allow you to only beautifully stand or sit somewhere, or else you would be too afraid to move in them to not rip them (or break your ankle)? Please disregard this if you’ve mastered how to wear those without failing.

Regardless of some of the (fashion) mistakes that we all make, the best thing we can do is to learn from them. Here are my top five personal learnings.

1. Answer the question: do you actually like this particular trend?

This should be always your starting point. I truly believe that fashion is there to let us express ourselves rather than to create an army of clones – it is a unfortunate side effect when this does happen. Therefore, whenever you see or read about a new trend or a trendy item and something in your head gets tingly and tells you “It is ON TREND, you HAVE TO buy it”, first ask yourself: Do I even like this trend? Does this contribute to who I am? Does this fit my personal style? Can it be incorporated into my existing wardrobe?

2. Get the right basics in place and blend in one trendy element

With the fashion world moving fast (fast fashion brands put new items on the shelves something like every two weeks), it is really difficult to avoid FOMO and simultaneously not to go bankrupt. The key here, and I am far from being the first person to say that, is to get your own basics right and incorporate a few trendy items each season. I would like to emphasise your own here because even though there are some really timeless items that stylists and fashion bloggers swear by (read: a white T-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, a black blazer, a trench coat, a pair of black stilettos, and a few more), it is crucial to find what really works for you and suits you & your lifestyle. You can find a list of timeless classics/ basics online and use it as a starting point for creating your own personalised basics. Because this is what will show who you are and what message you want to convey with the way you dress. 

3. Make trends work for you, not against you

My approach is to always interpret fashion trends in a way that works for me and my lifestyle. For example, if my typical day includes a lot of walking and moving around, I would probably opt for a more wearable kitten heel or some more stable high heels rather than stilettos. Those could be either a classic/ basic colour (i.e. beige, black, or whatever works with your outfit), or, alternatively in a trendy colour – e.g. this season it’s pastels and saturated colours. Trust me, it is better to choose comfort over being oh so on trend.

4. Do not invest in trends – better treat yourself with a piece of cake, a spa day, or an unplanned trip

This point goes together with the point number two. We’ve all seen trends come and go, sometimes faster than we could ever imagine. Some trends do stay for longer, but it happens on a more rare occasion. The main point here is that you might want to spare your hard earned monthly salary from spending it on a luxe bum bag and get a 30 times cheaper alternative, and travel somewhere instead. This will save you some nerves when in three months some fashion authority announces that the mentioned item is a total mauvais ton and a big fashion don’t. 

I have to note here, however, that if you a. do not care about what is on fashion and what is not and b. absolutely love this item and you think it would become your feature element – forget about what I just said and go for it.

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

As I said in the beginning, we are all humans and we all make mistakes. So, you shouldn’t feel pressured to get it right all the time. Sometimes you realise that something doesn’t suit you, doesn’t work for you, looks ridiculous, or is horribly uncomfortable only when you already bought it and actually tried to wear it – remember those ankle-breaking sandals?..

So, do you think you need to be on trend to look good? 🙂

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What I’m wearing in this post:

T-shirt Asos

Jeans Zara 

Red flats H&M Premium

Sunnies Givenchy

Bag Zara

Lobster earrings Asos

Watch Rosefield




  1. I love your style! Are you also going to blog about men’s styles? I need inspiration for my boyfriend, lol 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!


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